Fun with Letters

In the exhibition ABC with the animals and me, the children will have fun exploring the letters of the alphabet.

Through play, they will encounter their favourite characters from classic Dutch children’s books. From Dikkie Dik, Miffy and Fox & Hare, to Little Donkey and Elf the Fireman, they’ll meet all kinds of animal friends along the way and learn new words from A to Z. The adventure ends with a Pancake Pyjama Party!

As they journey through the alphabet, the children will encounter interactive games and let their imagination run wild. After the exhibition, they’ll have the chance to create their own story in the Shadow Studio with the help of a museum guide.



Early literacy is stimulated in a fun, playful way, and children have the chance to discover, experience and create their own stories.

Advance booking is required for all educational programmes! For more information and reservations, please contact us via or 070 - 333 9631.

Number of students
max. 30

1 adult in 5 children

75 minutes

€3,00 per per pupil, adults free

Working method
traditional and in small groups

No preperation required