Expo Marije Tolman

After the lockdown the museum will re-open at 9th June. The museum will open with the new expo with illustrations of Marije Tolman. Tolman is known for her books Little Fox, The Tree House and Wolf and Dog. 


Full of spirit and wonder, Marije Tolman’s illustrations are known for adding an extra layer to the story. She doesn’t shy away from emptiness, always leaving room for the imagination. For Tolman, a drawing should be perfect in its unfinishedness. As soon as you start smoothing over the imperfections, she explains, you draw the soul out of it. “There should be some kind of mystery left in the work.”  

About Marije Tolman

The daughter of visual artist Ronald Tolman, Marije grew up tinkering around in her father’s studio. She studied graphic and typographic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and later at the Edinburgh College of Art. In Scotland, she discovered her passion for illustration. After a short stint as a graphic designer, she missed the craftsmanship aspect of illustration and decided to return to pencils and brushes. Since 2004, she has been a full-time illustrator, working strictly by hand. All illustrations are created in her studio in The Hague, at the drawing table, without a computer.  
As the winner of a Golden and Silver Brush Award and a Bologna Ragazzi Award, Tolman is one of the Netherlands’ most celebrated illustrators. Her work has been published in many countries, from the United States to South Africa. Recently, she donated part of her extensive oeuvre to the museum. This exhibition, which showcases selected works from the collection, demonstrates just how unique, diverse and comical Marije Tolman’s work is.  

  • Golden Brush winner
  • Open until 5th September